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Galerie 111


Krista is a self-educated artist, born in Riga, Latvia.

Presented line of art works: "My Golden 20`s"

    "My Golden 20's"  -  collection of paintings made in 2020 by Krista  is a combination of Pop-Art and Contemporary art styles. 

    The collection is inspired  by Roaring 20s 

 - the wild age full of hedonism and glamour, exuberance and adrenaline, Jazz and romance. 


The time free from smartphones, the time of great literature  and comunication. The Roaring 20s was a distinctly transitional time period for women, who learned and  explored their individuality and newfound freedoms through fashion, new hairstyles, leisure and music.

   1920's was  the time of new and true elegance! 

    The collection is very personal as it is also author’s reflection on herself at 20 years of age. 

Art by Krista

Melissa is a photographer born in Riga, Latvia.


Presented line of artworks: “Voice of Nature”


“Voice of Nature”- the line of photo artworks  will bring you to the realm where woman gets in touch with her inner self - side full of energy, power of creation and destruction. 


Woman, as a Nature itself along with peace and warmth can bring storms and hurricanes.

She can be strong and serene as a Mountain cold and clear as the Lakes of Switzerland.

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