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Karl Hautteman

Karl's photos convey both depth and surreality. One often asks oneself, is this photographed or painted?

But rest assured, these are all unedited photos. Karl does not use any image editing programs. He captures the moment using multiple exposures.

Fashion Session Collection

Krista's current line "Fashion Session Collection" explored the female breakdown based on fashion. In all the paintings different women with different stories but one thing in common can be seen. They are all united by flowers that symbolize an elegance, a cult of beauty and sexuality - the pure hallmarks of the feminine desperation to be loved and desired by all.

Nicholas Kerbs

The exhibits on display in the Contemporary Gallery CH clearly show the broad spectrum of Niklaus Krebs' work. The sculptures rise impressively, play with emotions and radiate an energy that invites the viewer to linger and engage with the respective sculpture.

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